Nomadic Services

Startup / Commissioning of New Units

  • Familiarization with all products available inside unit
  • Training for emergency eye wash/shower station - video demonstration / hands on experience
  • Training for Emergency Instruction Device and corresponding color code bags
  • Review of intake forms and hands off forms for incoming medical personnel
  • Generator and fuel tank function
  • Power supply options
  • Supervisor walk through / crew walk through


  • Deliver trailer(s) to new location upon submission of request to move form

Demobilization / Storage of Trailer(s)

  • Pick up trailer upon completion of job upon submission of request to move form
  • Storage of trailer during scheduled down days

Monthly Service / Maintenance

  • Scheduled service of all trailer components
  • Cycle shower/eye wash stations
  • Top off of all fluids
  • Service H2O - Replace / Refill
  • Emergency response for repair / malfunction / use of trailer

Cleaning / Sanitation

  • Interior / Exterior wash out and dirt removal
  • Sanitation for hazardous substances following emergency inside trailer (bodily fluids, contaminated H20)

Inventory Control

  • Poduct updates
  • Product outdates
  • Restocking of used equipment
  • Client specific equipment upon request

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